Girls Our Age

An annual archive of creative consciousness. 

Pilot Issue | 2016

Pilot Issue | 2016


The Girls Our Age Pilot Issue debuted in March 2016 with a small batch first printing and sold out shortly thereafter. Our second run was printed July 2016 and is now sold out online. Check with our nationwide stockists to hunt down one of the last remaining copies in the wild. 

8 x 10
80 pages
Perfect bound
Soft cover

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Elizabeth Schendel
Shaye Anderson
Olivia Panella
I Still Love You NYC
Bridget Moore
Katie Klausner
Kristin Mitchell
Kelli McDonald
Betsy LeBlanc
Alexandra Lutian
Betsy Jones
Torie Gehrig
Rachel Kichler
Rachel Printy
Audrey Nha Lan Nguyen


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